Angie is available to work with you personally on career, relationships and life vision. Angie Banicki uses a combination of tarot decks, music and conversation to look at the energy, patterns and upcoming shifts in your personal and professional life.  Her process also adds in elements of numerology and astrology. The cards bring a positive and realistic approach that is preparatory for life changes. She is hired on retainer by CEOs, entrepreneurs and celebrities.

Goop's 2017 Bridesmaids Gift Guide recommends a tarot reading with Angie.



Tarot Workshops: Interpreting the Tarot - A night for learning how to tap into your intuition through tarot cards. This introduction to tarot will help you to understand how the cards can be a guide to trusting your inner self! Tarot can be a fun way to help guide decision-making, understand difficult situations, and give insight into the shifts happening in your life.  

Private and corporate: Angie is available for a wide array of events. Below is a sample of activations she's participated in. Inquiry form here.


Have you hit that moment in life when it's time to change things up – but you’re not sure where to start? At 29 years-old, Angie was a travel virgin and burnt out from her career in entertainment PR. Before turning 30 she set out on a 30-day solo adventure in search of new life direction on a fun journey around Europe.

She added a twist. Her itinerary was inspired entirely by travel moments gathered from the most influential people in her life, many of them celebs.

From the back of Eva Longoria's friend's moped in chic Paris to the tattoo parlor of David Arquette's best buddy, each of Angie’s travel moments reads like a thrilling extended postcard that encourages you to travel, not just to reconnect with yourself, but to reconnect with the people in your life back home.

Lighthearted, playful, and funny, this pop culture-infused, free-spirited call to adventure is the perfect book for anyone planning their first big trip abroad.